Here at Cadash & Co.™ our purpose is to help women live the life they are destined for, by being a vessel for manifesting and planning. We understand everyones journey is different and want to promote positivity, organization and self care for all with creative stationery. 

Black owned & Woman owned. Sisters supporting sisters. This was the foundation of Cadash & Co.™  from the creative mind of our Graphic Designer, Shenequa, came the idea for a creative planner built around strong beautiful images of women and what they represent.  Showing a diverse mix of strong women was the goal.  Sisters, Teisha and Rochelle, wanted to foster this idea; being strong women in their own right and creatively motivated. For the three sisters, this was an opportunity to build something together.  They often inspire and encourage each other and thought "Here we have an opportunity to build a brand that will extend that inspiration to women entrepreneurs, moms, students, and strong women who want to take charge of their lives and plan creatively".